Digiweb has today launched its utility cloud computing platform – delivering a revolutionary new way for companies to provision and manage servers for their IT and web based needs. Launched today at the 17th Annual Telecommunications and Internet Federation conference in Dublin Castle, the platform provides reliable and robust cloud servers in seconds. The solution has the added ability to upload “own user” templates and supports fully automated provisioning, delivering maximum flexibility.

This new solution builds on Digiweb’s extensive expertise in hosting and managed services and will provide businesses with a unique approach for adopting cloud based technology at a fraction of the cost of existing platforms on the market. This is achieved through the platforms unique billing approach – all resources are only billed for the hours used, allowing for huge savings with no contracts, minimum usage or ongoing charges. IT capacity may be increased or decreased at a moment’s notice, allowing IT managers efficiently scale for short or variable demands.

Commenting on the new service, Colm Piercy, CEO, Digiweb, said, “With the Digiweb Utility Cloud, Irish business can finally draw on IT resources in a true utility fashion. There’s no upfront fee and no minimum commitment, just hourly rates for the IT resources used.” “Digiweb, he said, has developed its platform after listening to customer feedback about what they really wanted for their IT needs. With financial resources limited in IT departments this solution allows companies to essentially grow as they go and scale up and down with real time demand.”

The Digiweb Utility Cloud Platform eliminates complexity with a single sign-in, easy to use web panel interface and integration API. A key focus has been on the simplicity of use for the busy IT professional. Additionally the solution has been engineered for reliability with enterprise class server and storage hardware from Dell and Cisco. This solution breaks down the cost associated barriers to cloud computing adoption amongst Irish organisations and will revolutionise how the technology is used in the future.

Find out more on the Digiweb Cloud Services website (www.digiweb.ie/cloud)

Download the Digiweb Cloud White Paper